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It’s not hard to get slightly addicted to certain snacks. Whether it’s the crunch of a salty potato chip or the allure of a gooey brownie, unhealthy snacks are everywhere and sometimes unavoidable. Of course, while it’s important to avoid junk food and “just say no,” when it’s offered, it’s not healthy to beat yourself up over a serving or two here and there. The best way to kick those cravings, however, is to substitute your go-to snack with something healthier that still embodies the snack you daydream about. Below is a great list of some snacking alternatives that will get you on the right track to better nutrition.



French fries are a staple side at fast food places and high end restaurants alike. If you need something small and salty, make some edamame instead. Leave it in the shell like a snap pea or unshelled in a bowl and enjoy.


Baked Potato

When trying to cut some carbs, potato-based products can be difficult to substitute. If you’re really craving something from the potato family, don’t keep yourself from it – just do it right! Try a baked potato with healthy toppings and a little sea salt.


Protein Bars and Shakes

Candy is a hard one to substitute. While dark chocolate is a great substitute for any candy cravings, and gives way for healthy probiotics to enter your system, it won’t fill you up like a protein bar or shake. With flavors like cookies n’ cream and chocolate peanut butter, your shake or bar will taste like it should be bad for you, all while giving you nutrients you need for a healthy diet.


Rice-Cakes with Low-Fat Cream Cheese

Cheese is a weakness for many. If you’re in the habit of purchasing processed cheese sticks or tend to have cheese and crackers a few times a week, there’s a better way to get your delicious dairy serving. Try spreading some cream cheese on a ricecake instead – low fat of course!


Frozen Bananas

For some, dessert and sweet snacks are the hardest to find a comparable treat for. If you find yourself craving an ice cream bar, try making frozen bananas on a popsicle stick. For extra fun, drizzle some dark chocolate and nuts on top.


There are tons of healthy snack options for anyone looking for alternatives, no matter what you’re looking to swap. What’s your favorite healthy snack? Tweet it to me at @ThorstenHagemannUK.