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It’s no surprise that fruit is a powerful tool for us to use within our diets. Packed with nutrients and vitamins that give us the energy and stamina we need to conquer the day, fruit can help us to curb unhealthy and processed sugary cravings. But there are some fruits that go above and beyond feeding us simple nutrients and natural sugars. Super fruits – a popular term coined to signify the power of these foods – have been linked to the prevention of certain diseases and cancers. Here, I’ve outlined 5 of some of the most important super fruits that nature has given us to keep our bodies healthy.


Fresh Figs

If you’ve added bananas to your diet to help control your blood pressure, you wouldn’t be wrong for having done so. However, a handful of fresh figs have nearly double the amount of blood pressure-lowering potassium that a banana possesses, and are just as delicious. Adding to their benefits, figs are also a fantastic source of calcium, which can help anyone who has trouble digesting milk to add calcium into their diet. A sweet treat with multiple benefits!



It might be hard to imagine that there are fruits found in nature that can help to fight cancer. The Papaya, however, has been linked to research that shows one of its nutrients is key in protecting against certain cancers. Papayas provide beta-cryptoxanthin and lycopene, both suggested to protect the body from stomach, endometrial, prostate, and lung cancers. Papayas also provide protection against smaller, more cumbersome health grievances such as indigestion and burn recovery.


Acai Berries

While acai berries are more well-known for being a super fruit than others on this list, it’s important to note that these powerful berries really do live up to their reputation. Acai berries contain high levels of antioxidants. The amount of power behind these antioxidants actually far outweigh other fruits such as blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries, despite these fruits also being an amazing source of antioxidants. Easy to add into any diet as a snack, with yogurt for breakfast, or in smoothies for an afternoon pick me up, adding a fruit such as acai into your daily routine will give your body all of the antioxidants it needs to thrive.



Another popular food item, avocados can be found very easily, and can be eaten in a ton of different ways. Although best known as the main ingredient for guacamole, the avocado is a great source of healthy fats and oils. They are rich in Vitamin E and can help to keep your skin healthy, strong, and moisturized all throughout the year. This is one super fruit that many might not know to be a fruit, but one that certainly has super powers.



Heart disease is one of the most common health problems in the world, claiming millions of lives each year. To prevent such issues, doctors and nutritionists usually guide their patients to add polyphenols to their diets. Polyphenols are found in most red grapes, and as grapes are quite common, many lean towards the small snack. The lesser known super fruit lychee, however, has 15% more polyphenols than red grapes, and therefore can more aggressively protect your heart health. Lychee is also known to protect against breast cancer, as found in a recent study out of China. This fruit can be easily added to any diet as they are sweet like grapes and add great flavor to any dish.